Friday 2 October 2015

Baby Baker Friday - My Hospital Bag Essentials

So as you know, I decided that Friday's on the blog would be dedicated to my now end-nearing pregnancy status.

I know it's not something everyone wants to read about but it is something I really wanted to do - so I'm doing it - after all, being pregnant and having a new baby is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really wanted to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

I'm back!

Massive apologies for missing last weeks instalment - I just wasn't up to doing anything much at all, but I'm back, I'm here and with what will be one of the last Baby Baker Friday posts before Baby Baker is actually here in the world...'s getting oh-so very close now...

And because of the impending birth I figured that today, it would probably be wise to show you what I have packed in my hospital bag before it needs to be whipped away and everything gets used, all photograph opportunities spoilt.

Now my bag is no where near as cute - or as pink filled - as Baby Baker's is (you can check out that post here) - everything inside is all practical and a tad boring I'm afraid, but needs must - practicality over prettiness is essential in these circumstances.

So anyway, lets have a little delve inside.

I didn't bother buying a new hospital bag for myself - I was very tempted I have to admit - but everything I found that was big enough was way too pricey, especially to say that it's fairly unlikely I would use it again anytime soon, so I've borrowed my Hubby's rather large Next holdall...

I really like it to be honest - it's spacious, has a shoulder strap and two carry handles and it isn't too girlie, which is great really because lets face it, I'm not going to be the one carrying it around now am I.

So what's inside?

~ Nightwear

I have some super soft fluffy slippers tucked away inside - I'm quite excited about them actually because I never usually wear slippers at home, there are one pair of new spotty PJ's and an oversized blue nightie.

Everything was bought new from Primark (where else!) a few months ago and they were really reasonably priced, not to mention they all look super comfy.

I've decided though that I'm removing the nightie from the bag and replacing it with a pair of PJ bottoms I already have (ones from Primark too, obviously!).

I just know I'm not going to feel comfortable at all with my huge, swollen, puffy legs on show, especially when it comes to visiting times - no one needs to be witnessing the sights that these have turned into.

And I never wear nighties usually anyway so I don't even know why I picked this one up...I'm not going to be "pushing" so I really don't need to have one - I think it was the button down front that won it over for me - all important for feeding you see - but still, it's getting swapped out and I'll team my older PJ bottoms with a grey nursing vest that I also have in my bag too...

I'm quite pleased I invested in a pack of two vests now, along with this plain white nursing bra, from George.

They are going to come in very handy, especially if I do manage to breastfeed as they are not only practical for that but they are really comfy too...although they do look a tad crazy when hooked down...

...and very hilarious!

Anyway - I'll be keeping the black vest to travel home from the hospital in and the grey one has just been drafted in as my new second sleepwear option.

And as I've just mentioned travelling home I'll quickly show you the super comfy outfit I've picked for this too...

...a hoody from the men's section at Primark and a pair of plain black jogging bottoms from the women's department - topped off with super fluffy socks - and my black nursing vest too.

The rest of my bag really just contains overnight essentials.

There are...

~ Toiletries

Just the usual bits and bobs to make me feel as human as possible after surgery and a night or so on a hospital ward - with lots of all important bobbles to keep my mane out of my way...

...and dry shampoo - my saviour.

~ Make-up essentials & brushes

I've popped my usual daily make-up bits in the bag - nothing crazy or fancy but I'm really not prepared to look like my morning-troll-faced-self if people are popping in and out, visiting and taking snaps.

I mean, even if I do still look terrible, sprucing myself up a bit will at least help me feel a little more like myself.

And the brushes are brilliant - I was given them at the HBAlPorto meet inside a goody bag - they are from LAB2 and are super soft - I love them.

~ Post-birth necessities

Breast pads, maternity pads and cheap, large, comfy (so glamorous!) undies that I can throw away - because these things can not be avoided

~ Phone, Camera and Charger

For the trillions of pictures I'll no doubt be taking...and for feeding my social media addiction if there happens to be any free moments during the day...

~ Pregnancy Pillow

Now I wasn't sure if I really needed to have this at the hospital but I've figured it could be a big help to try and position Baby Baker properly for initial feeds, especially if I'm really sore after the operation so I'm going to take it too - just in case - why not eh.

~ Old towel & flannels

Because I know I'll want a shower and I really don't mind these being ruined and thrown away if need be.

And that is about it.

My very glamorous hospital bag.

Oh and I'll be making sure we have change and a cash card too - the hospital I'm staying in has a Costa in the reception area - oh happy days - the Hubby already knows I'm requesting one of these bringing to me each morning that I'm in the hospital.

Got to get the treats in whilst I can!

See you next week!

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