Sunday 4 October 2015

Paul & Joe - A Very Pretty Nail Polish

You may have seen a little while ago, that I was one of the very lucky attendees at a brilliant Hull bloggers event - #HBAlPorto (find the post here) - in which everyone there was welcomed, fed by the fabulous people at Al Porto restaurant and were then spoilt rotten by being handed full-to-bursting goody bags to take home.

But there was more - we were also treated to a huge, very fabulous raffle with amazing prizes galore on offer...

...some of which I was very lucky to snaffle all for my very own...

I managed to take home with me -

~ £20 worth of Innocent smoothie vouchers
~ A GOSH make-up collection
~ Bareminerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment
~ Paul & Joe Treatment Balm
~ Pink make-up case
~ DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
~ Nads nose waxing kit
~ A multi-purpose phone case

Didn't I do well!

There was also this, the focus of today's post, a beautifully package nail colour which was also from Paul & Joe...

If I'm very honest, it's been quite a while since I bothered to take any sort of care or pride in the appearance of my nails and they are really quite short at the moment.

However a lovely new product such as this in my possession has spurred me on to actually start making an effort again and I've figured that because I'll soon have a trillion nappies a day to be changing, short nails are the way to go anyway.

But I want short nails that still look pretty.

And I don't think I can fail to achieve the desired "pretty" look with this colour.

The polish looks a very subtle pinky-purple tone in the bottle and it is quite similar when applied to the nails too.

I found it a very natural, quite nude shade which would be perfectly suited to almost all occasions - it's not something I would feel over the top wearing for a Monday morning school run, yet equally so I recently wore the polish to a wedding I attended, so it really is a perfect all rounder.

And what was it like actually putting it onto my nails?

Well, it was a little bit of a nail-polish-dream I have to say.

It has a brilliant consistency - not too thin or too thick and gloopy - which helped it apply nice and evenly.

I was also impressed with the fact that it dried in record time too - I despise having to wait hours for my nails to dry - it seems like such a waste of time.

After just one coat the coverage was fab and I don't think I actually needed another layer...

...but I applied one anyway and whilst the colour didn't really change I found that the second coat helped to neaten up my nails and make them look extra glossy and shiny.

And as I said, I have tested this colour out before, previous to writing this post, and I found it to have a very good staying power.

I managed to keep it on for just under a week without many chips or much colour loss at all - and that was with numerous washing up and house cleaning tasks thrown in too.

I'm very impressed with this nail colour and think I need to check out the rest of the Paul & Joe range fairly soon.

I mean, I surely can't have too many of these pretty bottles on display in my room now can I...

They really are as cute as a button

* item won in a raffle

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