Tuesday 6 October 2015

Personal Planner - Some Fantastic Tailored Creations

If there's one thing I absolutely can not mange without it's a day-to-day diary.

I'm certainly a person who likes to feel as organised as possible and as though I am as much on top of things as I can be.

But please let's think this as me being less "control freak" and more "liking-to-know-what-I'm-doing"...

However, this need I have for order doesn't automatically mean that my memory is brilliant - far from it in fact.

With me, if it's not written down the chances are I will forget about it.

Which isn't brilliant I know, especially with three - soon to be four - people in our household that need keeping tabs on (because the Husband's memory capabilities are even worse than mine!).

I need all the help I can get.

~ Birthdays
~ Birthday parties
~ Appointments
~ Rugby matches
~ Rugby training
~ School holidays
~ Work holidays

~ A R G H ~

The list is endless which is obviously why my having a diary is such a staple lifestyle requirement.

And then, much to my amazement, whilst I was rifling through one of my fabulous goodie bags from the #HBAlPorto Hull Bloggers meet (post here) I was pritty much, well, very much overjoyed really, to come across a voucher which could be redeemed for a free item of my choosing from Personal Planner...

Oh how I was giddy...

...and obviously wasted no time in logging on to the website, where I followed a few very simple sign up instructions before being let loose, creating my very own, very personalised, very pretty diary.

I found the website so easy to use - there were numerous diary options I could pick from - such as the actual size I wanted, to the picture for the front cover, even the page colour and it's layout were able to be adapted to ensure everything suited my needs perfectly.

It was brilliant.

And then, once you think you've finished your masterpiece, if you decide you need to amend a few things, you can easily pop back to the correct page and make changes without loosing the whole lot.

~ Fabulous ~

Once I had ordered I think I waited a few weeks and then the diary arrived.

Ooooh - it was definitely worth the wait - it is just so blooming pretty...

In fact, the only issue I have is that because I'm currently using a diary for this year I wanted this new one to begin after the current one has finished which means I won't actually get any use out of this pretty little thing until August 2016.

~ S I G H ~

But it will totally be worth the wait.

So - as I'm currently quite into pastel colours I decided to incorporate a lot of them into my design...

...as well as my blogger details - and a cheeky, cliched blogging reference - in the front...

I also wanted cute pink pages...with lines (to keep everything neat)...

...and separate mini training session sections to spur on my fitness regime again once Baby Baker is here...

...and I quite fancied having an easy-to-see yearly round up section to help save time when I'm in hurry.

The option of adding "entertainment pages" slotted into the back were a very welcome bonus too...

...which I figured would be useful if my son ever gets bored whilst we are out and about I will always have something on hand to occupy him with.

And do you know what?

Everything I could have possibly wanted out of this planner I was able to have, and not only that, I got it all presented in a very sturdy, very well made and very well put together design too.

I am such a fan of Personal Planner right now.

Especially when you add all of this to the fact that the Husband - A Blokes Eyeview - also attended the Hull Bloggers meet which meant that he had a voucher to use too...a voucher that I very kindly offered to "help" him get creative with and was able to put together this fantastic family organiser kitchen calender...

Again, the calender was planned around my pastel-coloured kitchen (because that's where it will be hanging) and I made sure that I gave each family member their own colour coded section...

Hopefully, once this is on display from January 2016, everyone in the house should have some idea where we all need to be each and every day, helping take the "organisation pressure" away from me a little bit.

The attention to detail within it really is excellent.

We get stars on our birthday...

Pumpkins for Halloween...

...and trees for Christmas...

It's fab.

I really can't sing the praises of Personal Planner highly enough and know that I will certainly be heading back to them year after year for my calender and diary creations.

Thanks so much for keeping me organised Personal Planner - and by doing so in just the way I wanted

* items gifted via a voucher. Words, thoughts, opinions & pictures are all my own

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