Tuesday 8 December 2015

George Clothing - Christmas Jumper Offerings

The date is December 8th.

Which means that as of today, there are only 17 short days until the big day.

 Christmas Day

~ Yay ~

And I have to say that (despite the main focus of this post) I really, really do love everything about the day so very much.

I mean how could I not, what's not to love?

It is a day full of family, slobbing out watching TV show after TV show and is quite possibly the only time of the year where it is actually frowned upon if you don't consume your body weight in piles of stodgy, calorific, amazingly tasty food.

Oh yes - it is so my favourite.

Over the past few years I have felt the need to be as festive as possible and by doing so have totally jumped upon the hype of the ever growing Christmas knitwear trend.

So much so that I am now the proud owner of a suitcase full of Christmassy jumpers in a whole array of colours and styles, but this doesn't mean to say I'm not willing to add more to my little stash if opportunity arises.

And so, when I was introduced to George's very brilliant Christmas Jumper Range I knew, that at the very least, one of them would have to be mine.

But choosing just the one favourite proved harder than I initially thought - I found so many brilliant ones - but in the end I did manage to whittle it down.

Despite the variety of fluffy, sequinned lady-like numbers that were tempting me within the women's section something else caught my eye and I just knew it was "the one"...

...the fact that it came from the men's section didn't bother me one little bit...

It's just fab isn't it.

A really simple, fun, tongue-in-cheek kind of jumper that just screams "Christmas".

I mean, come on - it's The Grinch.

The two go hand in hand (well they do in my household anyway!) and Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without him showing up at least once over the festive period.

...and my son liked it - so it was the obvious choice...

Now not only will he be gracing my TV screen, I shall be parading his very beautiful, very large face around all day as well.

So, jumper hunt complete I homed in on the other departments and picked up a few bits too...

First up was the denim section where I picked up a pair of dark straight legged jeans to team with the quite loose fitting jumper.

I found that the colours of both jumper and jeans complemented each other perfectly and they helped to cover up some of my post-pregnancy lumps and bumps, which really helped to make me feel a little more confident wearing them - which is always a good thing.

The lovely tan ankle boots complete with gold detailing are a perfect finishing touch too.

Not only will they help protect my feet from the horrendous British weather we are having at the minute, but they also help to make me feel a little more stylish.
(something I need all the help I can get with at the moment)

And then there was this fabulous, slightly see through, white blouse with a fab striking black and silver feather detail.

I picked this out immediately as I knew it was perfect for my "update my wardrobe with nice things" mission.

It is perfect for not only adding a very contrasting, striking collar detail to the jumper when worn underneath, but by teaming it with black trousers or a black skater skirt and thick tights plus a pair of killer heels it makes the perfect no-fuss, party ready outfit in no time at all.

I do like it very much.

But if I had to choose a favourite piece, simply because of how relaxed and fun it is, the fabulous Grinch jumper has to win every time - and can you blame me?

It's certainly going to keep me warm, snug and cosy and is the perfect way to ensure I'm looking all Christmas Day ready.

Do you love Christmas as much as myself and The Grinch?

* PR samples. All words, pictures and thoughts are my own

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