Wednesday 17 August 2016

IOLLA & Some Fabulously Funky Sunglasses

I'm all about convenience and things that can save me precious time, especially now that Willow is mobile - extending the day by a few hours each way would be a godsend right now.

I just don't seem to ever be able to get things done.

I reckon that from the amount of dust (yak!) currently gathered on my neglected bathroom blinds I'd be able to knit a fairly decent sized jumper with it...if I could knit...and if you could use dust instead of wool...
(Disclaimer: this is tonight's job - no need for anyone to call Kim & Aggy to come and de-germ my house just yet!)

Time is precious - we all know that - and I simply don't have enough of it to waste standing in front of my bathroom mirror for twenty minutes at a time, preening and pruning myself anymore.

I've started taking my make-up downstairs now and will sort my face out whilst Willow plays alongside me - it's led to a few "Oooh your eyebrows are a bit dark today" comments from the Hubby but good lighting or not, it's the only way.

And I certainly don't have five minutes to spare trying to pop contact lenses in every morning - it seems like such a waste anyway seeing as all they were starting to do was irritate and make me want to pull my eyeballs out a few hours after putting them in.

I stopped wearing them regularly once I began my maternity leave and glasses it has been now, almost continuously, ever since.

Which is all well and good - until the sunshine decides to make a rare appearance - at least wearing contact lenses meant I could pull on my trusty sunnies and drive without fear of being blinded, but with glasses, well, driving with a slight scrunched up face became the norm.

Until I discovered IOLLA that is.

IOLLA (which means "sight" in Gaelic) are a Glasgow based company who began their journey by wanting to make eyewear purchasing simple, affordable and fun.

They very kindly contacted me to ask if I would like to try a pair of their very fancy framed glasses and with my current predicament in mind I jumped at the chance and took myself immediately over to their sunglasses section.

The perfect solution to my driving issues - prescription sunglasses.

And just look at the pair I chose...

~ Aren't they fabulous ~

I really love the cat eye shape so much - it's so on trend right now - and because of the fairly huge sized head I have I feel this large, striking frame shape sits better on me and isn't too small that the glasses look lost when I wear them.

The tortoise shell colouring is very classic and helps to add a touch of glamour to even the most simplistic of outfits...

...and the attention to detail is simply stunning...

I have loved wearing these glasses and find them really easy and comfortable to wear - no more sore eyes or sunshine-blindness for me.

If you check out this video between 3.37 and 4.21 you can see them in real-life action too...
(much better than a simple close up shot of my face eh)

Oh, and IOLLA succeeded with their strive for ease of ordering too - I found the whole process a doddle.

I simply chose my frames and lens colour from the website, sent over my prescription details and pupil distance measurement (very easily found with just a ruler) and waited a few days.

And then...


...there they were - all fabulous and fancy.

Thanks IOLLA I love these sunnies so much

* sunglasses sent free of charge for purpose of a review - opinions, words & images all my own

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