Thursday 18 August 2016

McDonald's And Their #hellogoodtimes Campaign

I'm fairly certain that if I ran a poll on how many people know what a McDonald's is then I'd end up with a fairly clean sweep of correct answers.

Those golden arches were always viewed with major excitement in my younger days, and even now, whilst I do try to avoid the pull of a Big Mac, that feeling of joy (and naughtiness!) I feel if I do succumb is a little more than I should be willing to admit.

I do love me a good Maccy D's every now and again.

But then I heard talks of Tiny Tempah and Little Mix being involved in the McDonald's mix lately, and yes, I'm sure they do love themselves a Quarter Pounder meal on treat days but still - what was all that about?

Well, as it turns out, McDonald's are looking to celebrate all things family and have focused on the good times that can be had spent doing fab things with our loved ones, and with this, their #hellogoodtimes campaign was formed.

As I love nothing more than a bit of quality family time, last weekend we heard that the #hellogoodtimes team would be pitching up in the fairly nearby Leeds so obviously we had to take a little peek.

The weather was nice, the son had his scooter and so off we went to Roundhay Park.

I didn't really think for a minute that any famous faces would suddenly appear wanting to serenade me next to the swings but, in my son's opinion, we had the next best thing...

~ McFlurries ~

And free McFlurries at that.

The boys enjoyed a few photo-booth minutes and were rewarded with ice-cream for their efforts - I mean who can argue with that?!

There were also prizes to be won and fun games to be played...

...and even a stage to perform on...

Who needs the rich and famous eh when you've got my two.

The #hellogoodtimes van's certainly put smiles on the face's of Leeds anyway.

And luckily, they are travelling all over the country this holiday to help add a little bit extra to the kiddies break from school - why not head over to the McDonald's website to see where the very enthusiastic and entertaining McDonald's crew will be heading to next.

I mean who knows what you'll walk away with or who you'll end up meeting...

* sponsored, collaborative post - words & images all my own

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