Monday 22 August 2016

New Balance 574 Weekend Edition - Spotlight On The Brights

For as long as I can remember I have always (apart from on those rare nights out where I'll drag on a pair of heels and pray I don't fall flat on my face) been a jeans and a baggy jumper kind of a girl.

Comfort has always been key and especially now with me having Willow to take care of, I think I love these kind of clothes even more.

The less time taken to get dressed in a morning the better - I need to make sure I use nap-time wisely and if I do, I may even manage a warm cup of coffee too.

Not that that happens often - I mean have you ever tried to get ready in the time it takes Ewan The Dream Sheep to finish a cycle?


Well it's twenty minutes from start to finish if you were wondering and then, once it finishes, I usually have approximately four minutes max before nap time is officially over.

So speed is key these days.

But actually, who said a rushed, chilled out, relaxed outfit choice can't look good?

Especially if it is teamed with an amazing accessory - like some super fancy footwear for example...

And just how amazing are these eh...

The 574 Weekend Edition by New Balance.

I've actually had a few pairs of New Balance trainers in the past and have always been impressed with their quality, durability and comfort - the pair I am wearing at the moment are a very bright pink colour and I've had them for years but thankfully they show no signs of giving in just yet.

And now these mega-watt bright ones have arrived to join them...

But why so bright?

Well the colours are actually inspired by their creators backpacking expeditions spent in Sedona's red rocks...

~ the earthy shades mimic the rocks
~ the vibrant blues illustrate the sky
~ the bright oranges and yellows represent the sun

Clever eh - even the speckled sole is a representation of the dirt of the trail - and this little "colour backstory" makes me love these shoes even more.

They are great and really can't fail to turn heads - well, they are the first thing anyone spots from streets away and, as you can see, they have instantly added a touch of something else to my otherwise colour-lacking outfit combo...

Whoever said skinnies and a sweatshirt has to be boring and dull have obviously never experienced the loveliness of New Balance...

And trust me, I'm very pleased that I have

* items sent free of charge for review purposes - words, thoughts & images all my own

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