Thursday 6 October 2016

Capturing The Moments With Canvasdesign

For me, having lots of photographs around which capture the important little snippets of a moment are so important, and they always have been.

I'm obviously no professional photographer (I do wish I were though) but I absolutely love photo taking.

I was always that person on a night out in sixth form with one of those "£5.99 developing is free" disposable cameras snapping away and making sure all the embarrassing hairstyles were caught on film forever.

I am always going to be that person who takes a zillion pictures of her kiddies just so that in ten years time I can remember exactly what outfit they each wore to that Christmas meal when they were two - and it's not just something I started with Willow either, I did all of this with Charlie too - see here - only there was very little social media about ten years ago so sharing with the world was limited back then.

And I am certainly that person who, no matter how tight money is, will always pay each and every month for maximum Dropbox storage because, things like switching mobiles and accidentally loosing videos and photographs all of the time becomes too much for me to cope with - the cost is well worth it in my eyes.

So when Canvasdesign contacted me to ask if I would be interested in having one of their square canvas prints, well, they certainly spoke to the right person because yes - yes of course - I would always be interested in that.

Currently in my living room there are four canvas prints on my walls - and they are all of our wedding day so not one of them features Willow - and this has been something I have been meaning to change for a while.

And now, thanks to Canvasdesign, it has happened sooner rather than later - just look at what they sent me...

Amazing isn't it

But wait - out of all the photographs I have of Willow, why choose this?
(apart from the fact that she is just too cute on it)

Well there is another reason...

It fits in perfectly with the positioning of the other canvases I have don't you think - one child looking up, the other looking down.

~ I love it ~

And the photograph isn't simply a photograph on a canvas either, I was asked for a black and white shot (or one that could be made black and white) and in minutes Canvasdesign had shown me how different and special my image could look when using their fabulous silver metallic canvas - Silverada.

It made the photograph more vibrant, more defined and a lot more detailed...

I was emailed a proof to check I approved and within a matter of days I had the very perfect canvas in my hands - which is fabulous because I have waited weeks and weeks to have them delivered before.

Everything - the service, the quality, the speed and the contact - was spot on...

...and I will be using the fabulous Canvasdesign services again.

Oh, and if you feel a need to order (why would you not!) SILVERADA25 will bag you a nice 25% discount at the checkout

~ Fabulous ~

I for one couldn't fault Canvasdesign at all and let's face it, with the amount of pictures I have not turning them into beautiful canvases would be a total waste.

And I have certainly found people I trust to do amazing things with my photographs

* canvas sent free of charge - words, images & thoughts 100% my own

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