Thursday 24 November 2016

Lots of Love For Mr Tumble - A Toy Review

I've decided that this is it - I am now in full swing Christmas mode.

It doesn't matter that I'm yet to find a suitable Christmas tree (our usual massive-perch-on-the-table-one just won't work this year...we don't want Willow being squished underneath it) and it isn't even an issue that I only have a-not-so-organised two gifts purchased, I don't care - I am getting into the festive spirit from here on in.

And whilst I may not have a lot of an idea as what to buy my own kiddies yet I'm certainly enjoying having a look into what's on offer this year.

Willow was very kindly sent a post-birthday, pre-Christmas treat from ever popular, ever fantastic Golden Bear recently and to say she loved her little surprise is a massive understatement...

Inside a massive box landing on our doorstep we found not one, but two, fabulous, interactive, singing, talking Mr Tumble toys...

We had the Lights & Sounds Mr Tumble toy and the slightly larger Mr Tumble with Tumble Tapp toy too, and oh my goodness, how Willow adores them.

It was love at first sight...

She just couldn't stop touching, loving and cuddling them both.

Little cutie she is.

But it's hardly surprising she loves them so much really, they are a pair of brilliant, very sensory stimulating toys.

At the minute, Willow adores touching anything soft and fluffy - she will quite literally fling herself down onto the throws and blankets we have dotted around our house and so the minute I felt the hair on both of these Mr Tumble toys I knew exactly what she would do...

...and I was right - she went straight in for the soft hair and loves to cuddle into them whilst rubbing the hair, saying "Ahhhh".

She is such a loving little lady.

Both of the toys are quite similar really in that they are both very brightly coloured and both have different fabrics to touch, feel and explore.

Each has a range of famous Mr Tumble phrases and they make silly Mr Tumble noises too - we have been listening to the Mr Tumble Christmas party CD a lot recently and I think Willow recognises the voices of the toys from the talking on the CD - which is brilliant and shows just how much she is coming on, taking notice of everything around her.

The smaller of the two toys - The Lights & Sounds toy "speaks" by having his hand pressed and he will say a series of different, familiar phrases whilst his bow tie lights up.

Willow loves his cute little bag and I think I'll be looking into buying her her own - maybe for Christmas actually - so she can be all matchy-matchy with her new favourite toys.

Without a doubt though, Willow fell a little in love with the larger of the two toys - the Mr Tumble with Tumble Tapp - and he doesn't leave her side...

He is slightly larger in size to the first toy and is positioned to sit down rather than stand up.

All of the sounds he "says" are made by pressing the five icons on the Tumble Tapp which is fixed to both of his hands.

Willow's favourite icon is obviously the one which makes the funniest, craziest, silliest noises (the ball if you were wondering) and it never fails to make her giggle.

She also loves that Mr Tumble's nose lights up and she tries to press it to make it happen again - it's adorable.

She is certainly a fan and these toys are the first thing she drags out at 5am in a morning and the last thing she lets me put away before bed.

They've made her even more of a happy little lady that's for sure.

Mr Tumble undoubtedly gets another massive thumbs up from us

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