Friday 25 November 2016

Becoming Musically Minded With Classic Nursery Rhymes

It seems that music - and I don't mean the usual Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap that the two adults within my household are quite partial to - has taken over my home recently.

We've had a whole lot of Christmas themed tunes (see here) blaring out almost constantly recently but sometimes, well sometimes you need to take a little step back and enjoy music that is a little more chilled, a little more relaxed and a little more soothing.

And obviously whilst still being very Willow-orientated.

And at the moment Willow is very much into nursery rhymes and she loves hearing people sing - she doesn't even mind my warbling attempts.

She is totally mesmerised when we go to playgroup and everyone sits down in a circle and they sing her songs - you can almost see on her face that she is thinking "how do they all know the songs Mummy sings at home?"

* sigh * - that girl is a cutie.

Anyway, with this love of music blooming, we were delighted when Nursery Rhymes 123 sent us a copy of their latest and very newly released Classic Nursery Rhymes CD...

Willow loves it and personally I think it's nice for her to hear all of her favourites being belted out by someone (UK based singer-songwriter Martha Bean) who can actually hold a tune.

The CD holds twelve songs plus an additional twelve instrumental only tracks which would be perfect to have on in the background at a kiddies party...

There are lots of silly noises and sound effects mingled in with each track too which really help to keep busy little minds enthralled.

We've also had this playing in the car a great deal and it is an amazing tantrum stopper - once she hears the beginning of "Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes" the crying over me being such a mean Mummy by putting on her gloves (!!) becomes a distant memory.

Willow's favourite song by far has to be "Five Little Speckled Frogs" - the "Yum Yum" sounds that the frogs make has her in fits of giggles everytime she hears it and she waits, huge smile on her face, for those parts to come on.

We are all - even my eleven year old son - enjoying the silliness and the craziness this CD has brought to school run time.

It's great and is not moving from the car for a long while yet

* CD sent for review purposes - all words, opinions & images 100% my own

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