Saturday 10 December 2016

And All In An Hour...?

Today, despite being up at my usual 5am, I found myself having only about an hour spare to get myself ready from start to finish.

I had very important afternoon plans to meet my very lovely friend for a long overdue, put-the-world-to-rights coffee date.

Now this friend is one of my absolute besties and, so she reminded me today, this year actually marks our tenth year of first meeting each other at work, where we became inseparable on the corridors and have shared a whole lot ever since.

I really cant believe it's been so long and although now that we no longer work together and can no longer catch up on the corridors like we used to, she is always going to be in my life - even if we don't see each other for months on end...

Anyway, this friend of mine, well she's a beauty and no matter the occasion she has always been a bit (a lot!) trendy and has an amazing wardrobe.

Her style is fabulous.

And then there's me.

The person who tends to spend most of her life in joggers, PJs or hoodied tops these days.

Meeting up is never going to leave me feeling like fashionista of the year.

But no way was I missing seeing her lovely face just because my wardrobe is lacking, so I did the best that I could with that whole, massive one hour time slot that I had...and, as I rushed about, I found myself doing some crazy things...things that I'm sure didn't need to be done right then and things that I'm sure a lot of other Mummy's find themselves doing when they have absolutely no time at all...

~ In true, typical-me style I couldn't find anything to wear so I resorted to raking my most comfortable, most "I have made an effort you know" jeans out of the washing basket but then had to frantically pick off and wipe down a splodge of yesterday's mushed in Wotsit from one leg.


~ I then prayed that the Mum Bun I pulled my unbrushed, matted up hair into would go right first time and would make me look more "effortlessly styled" rather than "super slob" because there's no way there was time to pull a brush through the knots properly.

~ Then, to go with the jeans, I pulled on a simple, plain jumper and matching pumps but wasted ten minutes looking through a zillion different necklaces to try and fancy it all up a bit, yet in the end I put them all away and decided simplicity was best.

~ I shoved on a pink lippie to try and make it look like I at least did have time to think about what I looked like.

~ And in between putting on my make up I flitted in and out of the bathroom and my son's room, running him a bath and getting his sleepover bag ready to make sure he didn't forget anything for the party he is going to tonight...

...and I used bits of the running water to attempt to tame and stick down the tufts of new, spikey hair I now how sprouting out from around my ears.

Then it was time to go.

But before leaving the house I threw my things into a bag (my bag and not the nappy bag!), pulled on a coat, grabbed my son a birthday card to write, along with a pen and his friend's pressie, putting them in a prime position so he wouldn't fail to spot them.

I then gave the living room a quick tidy, putting toys away with each step, I gave kisses all round and waved at everyone like a loon and then, THEN I was ready to go...

That cuppa was much needed let me tell you...

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