Tuesday 6 December 2016

Taking A Look At The Amazing Hippo & Co

I've always been a person who loves adding pretty details to a room.

I think it's all the little nik-naks that help to add character and really make things look and feel much more homely.

Give me a fairly plain, simple, minimalist - but colour coordinating (of course!) - room any day and then there's nothing I like better than fancying it all up with candles, bowls, pictures and cushions.

In fact, I like it so much and take so much pride in it that I was once (just once!?) known to throw so much of a strop at the Hubby when he acted on his not-so-clever thought to have a game of indoor rugby with my son.

The game resulted in him breaking one of my much loved, focal-point-of-the-room glass candlesticks and I've never seen him move so fast - he hotfooted it out and was back home, I'd say well within an hour, with a brand new, identical replacement.

Yes, I do take my home accessorising very seriously don't ya know.

However - there's always some sort of "but" isn't there - now that Willow is becoming increasingly more mobile all of these lovely bits and bobs around my home - in particular the ones in the living room - have slowly started to dwindle in number.

She is a total little Trash right now and is in to anything and everything - we've even had to downsize our usual 6ft Christmas tree this year to a, well, it can only be described as a 3ft pine cone really, and she's already pulled that over and onto herself numerous times.

Yep - all of my lovely candles have been moved, the photo's adoring the fireplace are now hidden away and all of my beloved ornaments are gone.

I'm trying to embrace this new found, totally forced upon me, bare home approach now.

But one thing that is ever safe from her teeny, tiny grabbing fingers are all of the things I have up on the walls.

Those lovely photographs are safe and sound and can continue to add character to my home when everything else no longer can.

So when I was contacted by the very new, very fabulous Hippo & Co who asked if I would like to have not one but four of their lovely personlaised prints, well of course I said yes.

Hippo & Co are a company who are obviously very passionate and quite frankly, very fab, at what they do.

They want nothing more but to bring lovely, fun, handmade items into homes everywhere and they specialise in providing high quality, professional prints - which are amazing - and they have an absolutly fantastic level of customer service too.

The interaction I had regarding my orders was so friendly, easy, helpful and professional, all at the same time.

But what did I have sent to me?

Well there was actually something for everyone...

Charlie is beyond impressed with his "Charlie You Rule" print...

It is perfect for him with a whole lot of very true statements included and the fabulous purple colour matches his bedroom carpet perfectly...

Willow - whilst she doesn't have her own room yet (small house issues!) her little corner of our room already has hints of pink and her Hippo & Co gift fits in perfectly...

The personalisation is fantastic and this print is going to form the start of adding some personality to the bare space above her cot and then when she does have a bedroom of her own it will fit in there perfectly too.

Now for myself and the Hubby, well just look at these...

Aren't they just fabulous.

The lovely rabbit print obviously symbolises the four of us Baker's, it is cute and the colour scheme is perfect for our living room too...

And then last but by no means least we have this very Christmassy stag print...

Now, if you know me at all then you will know that I love stag's heads (obviously not real ones) and my sofa cushions have them on, I have one sitting on my window sill and once upon a time (before the Hubby smashed it) I did have a white ceramic stag's head on my wall, so this print is more than perfect.

And although it is Christmas themed I know I won't want to put it away - it can stay on the wall all year round and bring us festive cheer.

I really do love them all so much and if you are looking for any last minute Christmas gifts then I would highly recommend contacting the lovely Hippo & Co people - you will not be dissapointed at all.

Presentation, quality, value, communication - everything is spot on and I know for one that I would be happy to receive any of their items as a gift.

They even let you know the exact size frame you need to look out for to fit your prints - something I always struggle with...

If you do fancy putting in an order the code MARRIEDTOAGEEK35 will get you a massive 35% discount too!
(valid until 31st December 2016)

Be rude not to now wouldn't it...

Happy Home Fancying Up

* prints sent free of charge for an honest review - words, thoughts & images are 100% my own

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