Thursday 2 February 2017

A Clementoni Baby Bundle Of Fun

Now I know I'm very much behind in getting this post out because this fabulous box of goodies actually landed on our doorstep, oooh at about 4pm on the Friday before Christmas - just two days before Santa himself arrived...

...and obviously it was a selection of treats for those two kiddies of mine - I mean, what else would it be.

Naturally with it being so close to Christmas I knew we would be totally overrun with toys as it was but I was so pleased and surprised with this lovely selection of gifts that I let them have the goodies as a bit of a pre-Christmas treat.

Well why not eh.

But why did we have them?

We have actually been very fortunate in that we are spending a few months working with Clementoni Toys in a toy ambassador role (find our first post here), and that is why we had these fab gifts sent to us - lucky I know.

And as soon as Willow spotted me taking a few photographs of these, over she came and immediately wanted to touch and grab at everything.

She loved them all straight away and I think this post will focus on Willow's little stash whilst Charlie's will feature very soon...

So first up, from the Clementoni Baby range, we found this very cute, very pink Minnie Mouse Smart Phone...

...and I mean who doesn't love a bit of good old Minnie.

Willow certainly does and we simply had to open this up straight away.

The large, light up buttons encourage pressing and are the perfect size for little fingers and each one makes a different Minnie relating noise or has a specific Minnie phrase to say.

The top section pushes down and pops back up too with a simple push of a button and encourages fine motor skills - Willow jumped out of her skin the first time it popped but she loved it and sat laughing away to herself...

I did actually think this toy was broken the first time I heard it though because when it is in the box in "test mode" the volume is so much louder than when it is set up to play with, however this is in fact a very clever safety feature.

Obviously a phone - real or toy - is meant to go near the ear area so by having the usual volume level set a lot quieter than what it is in test mode means no loud sounds will be too close to delicate little ears.

This is a really cute, fab, perfect handbag sized toy and has been something Willow keeps coming back to again and again.

She has also really enjoyed her other Clementoni gift - the Interactive Shape Sorter Car...

At the moment one of Willow's absolute favourite songs is about a "Big Red Car" by The Wiggles and this toy is simply the perfect accompaniment to that.

She now has her very own "Big Red Car" and one which can be pushed or pulled along and has four different coloured, chunky plastic blocks that can be stacked up or shape sorted through the holes in the sides of the car...

There are also interactive buttons on the top too which say different phrases when pressed and the boot section opens up, allowing access to the blocks (and is a great place to keep them all safe together).

The bright colours and chunky design makes this a really enticing, eye-catching toy and it is perfect for little hands to be able to grab hold of...

Oh and there is even a Spanish mode too...perfect for exploring those language skills early on.

Educational, fun, and entertaining - such a perfect little bundle

* toys sent free of charge as part of an Ambassador Programme - words & thoughts 100% my own

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