Tuesday 31 January 2017

My Fabulous Tangle Teezer

Never a week goes by when I don't ponder, wonder, try to decide how I can change, mix-up and freshen the way that I look.

I try it with clothes but will always - in one of those crazy morning rushes - throw on a jumper and jeans regardless of what fabulousness I may have hiding within my wardrobe.

I'm such a creature of habit - one who likes to be comfortable and one who has no time to spend faffing around in a morning over outfits.

And it's just the same scenario for my hair.

I have this really long mane of way too thick hair and I can never decide what to do with it.

In an ideal world I want those really big, casual-yet-stunning looking loose curls every day but in reality we get an unbrushed birds nest shoved up into a "Mum Bun".

It's so annoying but apart from my lack of time I just don't have the right tools to create such loveliness.

So I have conflicting hair dilemmas - on one hand I think I need to go and have the lot chopped off yet on the other I know that the moment I do I will regret it, so it just stays long...and boring...and a mess...

And so the no-time-to-style-shove-it-on-my-head do has become my norm.
(seriously though, if anyone knows of any tools which will give me those quick, effortless waves please let me know in the comments below - I'm desperate)

So yes - a Mum Bun.

Let's just roll with this for a second and pretend it is amazing because right now, it seems to be what I'm working with every day.

Sometimes even creating one of those mega-easy things is a little bit of a struggle.

Whenever I want to achieve a perfect bun it will never, ever work out, but in those just-out-of-bed-shove-the-hair-out-of-my-face moments, well you can guarantee it will look just amazing and this is why I tend to not brush my hair all too often in a morning - the Mum Bun tends to look better if I don't bother...

...and then it gets left...

...and left...

Until I'm forced to allow myself a good forty five minutes or so to try and rake through the horrible mass of knots and matted up sections in an attempt to make me look and feel more human.

And this was the case this weekend - I knew I couldn't neglect my hair anymore so I gave in and locked myself and my birds nest in the bathroom, prepared for total pain.

However due to a slight brush alteration things weren't quite as horrific as usual.

This time I used my very new Tangle Teezer, one designed specifically for thick and curly hair...

And do you know what, I was really very impressed.

I mean I know I'm behind saying this and I realise a lot of people have been impressed with them for years, but if I'm honest I always imagined the Tangle Teezer being more suited to thinner, shorter hairstyles than mine so I never bothered with one.

How silly of me eh - now I really wish I had of invested in one sooner.

I'm not going to lie and say there was no pain at all as I pulled the Tangle Teezer through my hair - there was - but then again there always is pain involved in my hair brushing sessions, however using the Tangle Teezer reduced the amount by a whole lot, so much so that I will now never attempt to rake through my hair with anything else.

I also always experience a lot of hair loss so loosing hair with this brush was again nothing new.
(I actually have a picture of the amount but it's far too gross to share, just know that baby birds could easily live in the amount that was left on the floor.)

But what impressed me the most was the amount of time the Tangle Teezer saved me on actually brushing through all of my hair - rather than being locked away for forty five minutes it was certainly closer to twenty minutes.

Which is very impressive.

And all thanks to this new little brush of mine - it's simply fabulous.

I found it really easy to hold - I imagined I would constantly drop it because it has no handle, but nope, not once did it leave my hand and I'm putting this down to the slight angled, perfect palm fitting shape.

The bristles are made from a strong yet flexible plastic - and are of two differing lengths - the longer bristles help with the detangling whilst the smaller ones smooth the hair.

Oh and it can be used on wet or dry hair and is perfect for not only thick and curly hair but also for Afro hair styles too.

~ Amazing ~

And as I said, I really wish I hadn't left it so long to have this in my possession because I blooming love it.

It's a hair brushing game changer that's for sure

* PR sample - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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