Friday 3 February 2017

Fitness Friday - Why So Many Highs And Lows?

Well what can I say about this week?

Nothing it seems without just moan, moan, moaning and that is not what this Fitness Friday lark is about.

I think I'm going to throw a few of my favourite weekly meals and recipes into this section every so often just to mix things up a little bit.

But anyway, for now, back to last weeks overview.

I was so positive and so "in the zone" after my fabulous weight loss last week - I was making good food choices and not sabotaging my plan and I felt really great.

I've been super motivated at the gym too and whilst I haven't yet managed to increase the amount of days I'm getting myself there - a goal I'm setting myself to do - I found that whilst I was there I was mentally pushing myself to do more and to exert more effort than the time before, and that's never a bad thing...

I've been super positive, super motivated and then, I stood on the scales at weigh in...

...and do you know what, I can 100% see why people throw their scales away (via a flight of stairs or through an open window perhaps) and don't bother with them anymore - we rely so much on those silly blooming numbers and they either bring on a total sense of euphoria or one of impending doom.

And you can probably tell that this week it was total doom for me.

I put on a pound.

One whole pound.


I was on the brink of throwing my Hi-Fi bars across the room and steaming off to the local supermarket for a multipack of Snickers for breakfast let me tell you.

But I didn't...I went home...I had a bit of a huff and a grumble and then I made myself "fried" egg and beans on wholemeal toast - but even that was bloody horrible and against me yesterday too.

It's just so annoying.

All the effort of meal planning, shopping, sticking to plan and then, "Oh Hello weight gain.  Thanks a lot."

* sigh *

But I have managed to fit into a size twelve jeans this week though - it's all about the small positives too I suppose - just one more dress size to drop back into now...

...and FIVE pounds (not four like last week *sigh*) until I get my lovely two stone sticker award...

Anyone want to try keep me going?

I need all the help I can get these days.

Oh and I know this post was suppose to be my review of my fabulous new gym clothes but I've had lots of photo drama (just something else to add to this rubbish week) so that post will be coming soon.

Well, the best things do come to those who wait after all

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