Tuesday 14 March 2017

Living Room Upgrade With Inspired Wallpaper

You may have spotted a post I published last week about how we recently "fancied up" our not-so-amazing kitchen a little bit.

And if you did, then I'm sure you will have also noticed I mentioned just how fed up I was getting of my dull, dark, drab (get the idea?) living room.

Well - as of this week - it has all officially started - my living room is getting a make over too.

The fact that I'm spending much more time actually in my home these days has spurred me on to make it feel cosier and nicer and the aim of this post is to show the very beginning stages of what's going on now.

I never really had a huge problem with my sitting room before - I have always hated my sofa though...those huge, horrible, have-to-be-plumped-all-of-the-time-just-to-keep-them-looking-presentable cushions really wind me up...but recently I've had a real bee in my bonnet about the whole space and something had to change.

I decided the colour was one main alteration that simply had to be made.

Black and grey - whilst it may seem nice - bright, light and airy it isn't.

And because we spend a vast amount of time in this room, I want it to be brighter and more welcoming, and now, with huge thanks going to Inspired Wallpaper, we are well on our way to getting there...

Inspired Wallpaper have been in operation for over 100 years now and they provide inspirational, fashionable wall decoration from a range of Great British brands, such as Crown, Coloroll and Vymura

They oh-so generously allowed me to pick out a paper of my choosing to help with my living room transformation and so I opted for a room brightening yellow toned paper - I really loved the striking, intricate detail of this meadow scroll design paper by Crown straight away...

It is a fairly subtle colour yet can't fail to create a fabulous feature wall detail.

And, so I've been told by the Hubby and Father-In-Law, it was really easy to put up too, helped in part by the thickness and luxurious feel to it.

There was very minimal wasted paper and matching the pattern wasn't difficult at all.

I know my photographs simply do not do this amazing paper the justice it deserves but once the whole room is finished and is out of mid-decoration chaos, I'll be writing an update post - I just know the space will be amazing.

I have a new sofa arriving soon (no more squishy cushions in this house - woohoo!) which has naturally meant that everything has to be changed too - new paint, new accessories - new, new, new.

I can not wait.

But already, the difference simply by just having this fab paper up is amazing...

The room is beginning to look a lot brighter already.

And it's really not bad going when you think about - through the sheer power of Inspired Wallpaper I have a new sofa arriving any day and a whole new living room in the pipeline...

Thank you Inspired Wallpaper - thank you

* post contains PR Samples - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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