Wednesday 17 May 2017

City Tattoo Removal & Their Laser Treatments

Hands up anyone who's done something stupid on holiday...

I can only imagine the confessions I'd get actually asking this question and whilst my holiday sin may not be as wild and crazy as a few people's out there it is certainly something that has stuck with me for the past ten or so years (so far!) since it happened.

Yep, I'm one of those silly people who went and got a holiday tattoo.

And I can't even say it was because I was under the influence of a few cheeky gins either.

Nope, I sat there, in broad daylight, picked out a tattoo on a total whim and then endured the pain of my first ever piece of body art in a shop in Spain.

Granted, it was a clean shop and I did get my son's initials on the tattoo too (I know, I know) but a wise decision it was not.

But I was young (ish) and was swept away in the fabulousness of being in holiday mode...

...and now I'm living with it.

Not that I learnt my lesson from it though - years later I actually went and had yet another rubbish tattoo done, so that now makes two that I have and two that I don't like and in an ideal world I would love, love, love to get them both covered up, but at the moment that kind of cost just isn't a priority.

Anyone want to get me on Tattoo Fixers?...please?..anyone...?

But what if having a tattoo cover up wasn't an option and what if the "art work" on display - to be stuck there forever - was so horrible, so hated, so inappropriate even - what on earth could be done then?

Well after having a delve into the offerings from City Tattoo Removal there is always the option of having a session or two of a laser tattoo removal treatment.

Now to me, just hearing those three words "laser tattoo removal" brings horrible, hideous images of pain, but I suppose you have to weigh up the options - would a session be more painful then having to live with something etched on my body that I despised so much forever?

No I don't think so.

But still, it's an option to research a little more into - what is laser tattoo removal and how successful would it be?

Unfortunately for me I can't physically get down to the London based clinic to test out the treatment myself, and oh how I wish I could, but as I'm a Yorkshire Lass the three minute walk from Tottenham Court Road clinic address seems just a million miles too far away for me.

However I did have a little look at a few of their information videos on the subject...

...and from the information I was presented with the removal process using the PicoSure and PicoWare lasers does sound like something I would go for myself...

~ the lasers remove tattoos in 50% less sessions - between four to eight compared to other laser removal treatments which can take ten to fifteen sittings

~ they work on all ink colours
(*hurrah* because both of my tattoo terrors are ALL black in colour - urgh)

~ they work on all skin types

~ a session costs around £70 which, yes could get costly depending on how many sessions would be needed, but it was still a much lower price figure than I was expecting to hear to be honest.


...anyone fancy shipping me down to London?

I have a tattoo or two that I need dealing with

* sponsored post - tattoo terror stories are (unfortunately!) 100% my own

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