Wednesday 16 August 2017

Home Improvements - My Living Room - Before v After

I've been putting this post off for quite a while now but only because I wanted everything finished and as spot on as I could possibly manage before the post was put together.

But when it comes to room decor and my seemingly new hobby/passion/obsession with getting my home just how I want it, then time and putting things on the back burner if required is something I am more than willing to do.

Of course I would much prefer not to drag things out and to have everything I want doing completed fully, in no more than a day, however even I realise that this is never going to be a possibility - not unless I manage to find me a DIY SOS team to help out anyway...

...and we all know that this isn't likely to happen so I must face facts, when it's just myself and my somewhat DIY reluctant Husband (oh and my Father-in-Law helped with the papering too) getting everything done then I know I'm going to need to have patience.

But it has all paid off now and I love my new living room - but why did I start it?

Well you may have spotted a little while ago that I began a living room upgrade collaboration with Inspired Wallpaper and it was actually the amazing design of their paper which ignited this dormant little home improvement bug that I seemingly had snoozing inside of me.

The wallpaper they sent me was lovely - really warming and brightening, whilst still remaining understated and quite classy - and the minute it was on my wall I knew everything else in that room had to change to match up to it's fabulousness.

At the time my living room was black and grey and whilst it was OK, it was starting to feel drab, way too small, too cluttered and was really quite dark, and I suppose a little dingy looking too if I'm honest.

I wanted a change, something fresher, more welcoming and my choice of a light yellow, statement making wallpaper certainly helped with this.

Once the paper was decided upon I knew whatever else I did with the room would have to tie in with the grey carpet (there unfortunately weren't enough pennies in the pot to change that too - although it is on the horizon) but I wanted to add something a little different and that is where the copper accessories played their part.

I'm beyond pleased with how it all turned out...

My beautiful crushed velvet sofa is just fabulous - it has foam cushions you see rather than the awful, squishy, need-to-be-plumped-every-day ones that my last sofa had (I hated it so much)...

I can't quite decide which, between my amazing copper chandelier or my huge, new statement mirror... my favourite piece.

Actually, it is probably the newest addition to the room, the framed feature wall...

I collected things from charity shops, from shop sales and even bargain selling sites and then up-cycled and spray painted everything copper to match the other room accessories.

I didn't want to go too OTT on photographs so a few off-cuts of my Inspired Wallpaper filled the spare frames perfectly whilst also helping to tie this wall in with the full papered wall opposite...

~ I love it ~

My brilliant Fabric N Co cushions were maybe a little pricier than I would have thought I would pay but the minute I saw them I knew I had to have them...
(I was a tad obsessed with them I think!)

...they are huge, are really well made, are brilliant quality and just check out that sparkle - fabulous.

The amazing owner even custom made me three mega sparkly copper coloured cushions to help add a little more coordinating detail to the room too.

Next, by investing, not too many pounds at all actually, into the every-parent-needs-one Ikea storage unit we now have under the TV, all of Willow's toys and books can be stored away, hidden from view and kept tidy which really helps keep the room looking uncluttered - perfect for a small house (and for my need to have things just so when I'm relaxing on an evening).

I copper spray painted black curtain poles, glass candle stick holders, glass vases, even the black fire guard cover just to make everything match and tie in with each other.

The changes have certainly been very welcome...

I feel so much happier spending time in the house now than I did before and (on the very rare off chance that this ever happens) if people do pop in to visit us, I'm no longer embarrassed at all by the way my living room looks.

In fact I'm really rather proud of it

* wallpaper provided free of charge - all words, thoughts & images are 100% my own

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