Friday 18 August 2017

Toilet Train Bing - A Review

Things that make my children happy make me happy.

Things that help make my life easier (especially with the children) make me happy.

So when I was contacted recently and asked if I would like to have a potty training help, something interactive, soft, cute, and cuddly sent to me for Willow, well how could I say no.

Especially when it was...

~ Bing ~

And a fairly huge sized Toilet Train Bing at that too.

Now Willow blooming loves Bing and even when she spotted just the picture of this toy on my phone she went a little ga-ga over it.

But I mean what's not to love really - he's cute, he's quite funny, he says words like "poo" and "wee" and now, well now he is learning to use his potty - something Willow will be starting with fairly soon.

So once we were over the initial "Bing is here" excitement...

...and we had managed a few (a lot of!) Bing sized cuddles...

...we got stuck into looking at just how this cute little toy could help with our potty training journey.

Well it's all about the encouragement you see - the encouragement and the copying - and we all know just how much the little ones like both of these things.

It worked too - Willow wanted her potty out when she spotted Bing with his and although we didn't have any potty "happenings", the idea is most certainly there...

Now this interactive Bing not only counts, sings and encourages playing but he also has a pair of very fancy pants which will light up to show that he has "had an accident"...

...and then to help Bing out of his predicament, he needs to be sat on his lil' potty until the toilet flush sounds, showing that he has finished...

Willow picked it up really quickly and was dashing in and out putting him on his potty whenever he needed - it's really far too cute.

I actually really love that by showing Bing at ease and at peace with his little toilet flush it could potentially help Willow accept that loo flushing is OK when she gets to the toilet using stage too - it's something I really don't want her to become afraid of, and now, thanks to Bing Bunny I reckon we'll be just fine.

And as expected, Willow loved this toy so much and even though she isn't quite two yet (and the toy is recommended for two years and above) she picked up what was happening and what needed to be done really quickly...

By pressing his tummy there are over fifty fun Bing phrases to enjoy too - Willow particularly loves the "lets play hide and seek" one...

I actually couldn't be happier that we have this fab little toy in our home and would gladly pay the price of £31.99 for him - not only is it cute, sweet, cuddly and helps Willow to learn and interact but he is also very well made and the potty training concept behind it is brilliant too.

It is really going to help us with this next huge stage with Willow that's for sure.

And, well now, Bing and his little potty never leave her side...

It really is "A Bing Thing"

* PR sample toy sent for review - all words, opinions & images 100% my own

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