Monday 11 September 2017

Vivienne Westwood - Oh How I Love Thee...And Your Pretty Pearl Pumps

So, a bit of a back story (as usual) to kick things off again...

I've always been a girl who has loved me a little bit of Vivienne Westwood - I mean, what's not to love.

I remember spotting a necklace adorning the neck of one of my uber trendy friends on a night out a very long time ago and I think my love for the brand began at that precise moment.

I remember I, very wisely (*ahem*), spent a portion of my University student loan buying myself a large, jewel emblazoned necklace and a piggy faced charm bracelet and I felt oh-so fancy stepping into the shop, aged nineteen, and then actually walking out with a couple of those teeny, orb decorated cream bags.

I loved it.

So much so that my amazing "she who knows me best" work-bestie added to my love and bought me a lovely, delicate silver orb bracelet for my 30th birthday and it totally made the day perfect for me.

But I mean, can you ever really have enough Vivienne Westwood in your life?

The answer to that question is quite obviously "no" and whilst a handbag, sunglasses and a pair of heels are still on my "I must have" list, I now have an amazing Vivienne watch in my collection (post coming soon!) and, I have these beauties too....

I mean just blooming look at them.

Real life, actual Vivienne Westwood Melissa footwear...

...that is mine...

* sigh *

Have you ever seen a fancier pair of black pumps in your whole entire life?

I know I certainly haven't (my usual pump purchases cost, ooh, a maximum of about £4) and these Melissa Space Love Orb Pearl pumps just ooze total luxury - I didn't know if I would ever even dare wear them when I first pulled them out of the box, they are just that beautiful...but of course, I did.

And they had their first outing at a really rather swanky event too I must add.

I very recently attended my lovely cousin's very perfect, very pretty, countryside wedding and a part of my outfit consisted of a pair of not-too-high, barely there black heels (the lower heel height was my take at attempting a more sensible shoe) to complement my simple, off the shoulder black top and high-waisted, A-line floral skirt.

However no, the most sensible choice of a shoe the heels were not - they sank into the grass the second I stepped out of the car as I tried to trot across the car-park (a field), I then wobbled my way over cobbles once the grass was conquered, and then, well then came the painful, arduous, unrelenting task of trying to chase Willow around the large, open space from 1pm in the afternoon...

The heels lasted all of forty-five minutes.

Luckily though, I had the flats to rival all flats to change into didn't I...

Not only were these super stylish - the shiny gold orb with it's delicate white pearl centre couldn't fail to add class to any outfit - but they were also really comfortable.

The rubber material of the pumps meant that they were really flexible and soft but, being rubber I did expect a little pain from them if I'm honest but I actually only began to notice a slight pinch at around 9pm - after a solid eight hours (I kid you not) of wearing them in the roasting heat and of testing them to the max, running around continuously after my little whirlwind.

So a slight toe squeeze, I could cope with.

Oh, and I ordered a size six (my usual size) from the Tessuti website and I have to say the sizing of these is spot on.

They were not only perfect for wearing at a really formal event but I feel that they are going to be equally amazing teamed with a more casual skinny jean and jumper combo too, perhaps to wear to a blogger event or to something where I want to feel comfortable, but with a little extra oomph.

They are, quite simply, blooming fantastic and I feel like a very lucky lady to be able to call them mine.

They actually also smell blooming amazing - of bubblegum - and even though they have been worn now, the scent isn't showing any signs of dwindling either.

Yep - I sure did develop a love for a very fantastic brand

* items sent for review purposes - all words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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