Sunday 12 November 2017

Amazing New Books And What We Thought

Books are always pritty amazing aren't they.

I've always loved them and would happily wear the Book Worm crown proudly each and every day if I could.

I remember, very fondly actually, how my early teen obsession with The Babysitter's Club series by Ann .M. Martin had me forever reeling off updated versions of "Books I Need" lists to my Mum every birthday and Christmas in an attempt to complete my collection and then, once I had them in my hands I would sit and devour each and every page, cover to cover, until they were all finished.

Even now I love nothing more than being transported into another world through the pages of an enthralling book.

So it will go without saying then that I always knew my kiddies would be surrounded by books - and they both have been, right from being born.

Willow actually had a few bookshelf shelves filled before she was born in fact thanks to the lovely gifts we received from her baby shower and we read, read, read each and every day.

I love it.

And what I also love very much is the fact that, with thanks to Maverick Books, we were recently able to add another two fabulous titles to our collection...

We have...

"Hamster Sitter Wanted" by Tracy Gunaratnam

This book is a fabulous, easy, rather catchy read and the brightly illustrated pages are filled with really cute and likeable images which link perfectly to the text...

Willow just loves this book - and so do I actually - in particular she seems to love looking at each of the very detailed pictures and will listen intently whilst I explain what is going on within each page.

The story is really fun too - Marco and Polo, the two adventurous little hamsters, search high and low for the perfect babysitter for their band of ten (plus some!) cousins - all of which have fantastic names - so that their world wide travels can continue.

The cousins have their own ideas about this though and it would seem that a babysitter is not what they want at all...until that is, the perfect hamster sitter is found.

~ Genius ~

I could certainly see some of my little whirlwind present within the characters of these mischievous little hamsters and this simply made me love the story even more.

The colourfulness and catchiness of each page makes the book a really enticing, attention grabbing read - perfect to keep a busy toddler entertained.

Next up we also had...

"Clumpety Bump" by Phil Allcock and Richard Watson...

Again, another fantastically eye-catching book filled with really fun, colourful illustrations...

The story follows Wally Wobblebottom (what an amazing name!) who, after getting rather fed up with his slightly lazy, crazy, horse Clumpety and all of his troublesome antics, decides one day to simply set off on his errands, alone.

But rather than having the easy, peaceful day he expected, Wally finds that his troubles may not all be down to his faithful steed after all.

Willow seemed to love the repetitive tone to this story and it really helped her to connect with the book and she now even knows what to expect at certain points...

Both books have been such a welcome gift in our home and they won't fail to raise a smile for many years to come.

Thank you lots Maverick Books

* books sent for review purposes - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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