Sunday 19 November 2017

An Amazing #intuchristmas Experience

Do you know when you are so blown away, so amazed and actually feel so blooming lucky to be asked along to an event that you just can't wait to write about it?

Well this weekend that is exactly how I was left feeling.

I mean I love all of the events I attend but I suppose this weekends event stood out all the more because it was something for my lovely children - an experience I doubt Willow would ever have had if it weren't for the amazing invite, which makes it all the more special really doesn't it.

The very fabulous people over at The Trafford Centre - who I have had the pleasure of working with before on a Wokooshii review - asked if we would like to come along to their #intuchristmas parade for some fabulous Christmas fun.

Not only would Santa be there with a whole host of other Christmassy delights, but - wait for it - there would also be an array of children's toy favourites gracing the Christmas parade too...

~ Bing and Flop
(Willow's favourites!)
~ Peppa Pig
~ The Minions
~ Shimmer and Shine
~ The Trolls
~ Paw Patrol
~ PJ Masks

And if that wasn't enough, we were also asked to head over early to indulge in a breakfast meet and greet with the character's too.

There was no way on this earth I would have let Willow miss such an amazing opportunity, so, bright and early Saturday morning, off we went.

Willow clung to her Bing Bunny teddy the whole car journey there and once we were inside and it was time to see the characters - oh my goodness - I doubt you will have ever seen a more excited, more crazed or giddy two year old before.

The girl was wild (more so than usual) - it was blooming awesome.

I think she must have photo-bombed every single picture of every single family that was there in her "I need to hug everyone" excitement (even the photos of the Corrie stars who had popped along with their kiddies too - we do love us a schmooze with celebs don't ya know), she flung herself onto the legs, bodies, bums - anything she could reach - of every character, as often as she could...

But then, when it was time for everyone to go - in particular when it was time for Bing Bunny and Flop to go - the poor little thing cried and cried and stood outside of the door they went into saying "Ning?", "Ning?" over and over again.

She would have stayed there forever I think, just waiting for her beloved Bing to come back...

But, after a few rather lovely M&S Paddington chocolates and a promise that she would see Bing again the tears subsided just enough for us to manoeuvre ourselves through the hordes of people waiting for the parade.

And then, into the rather roomy, VIP (yeah baby!), front row area we went.

Once the parade began, well the tears were long forgotten - the show was simply outstanding...

There really was something for everyone - even my "I'm too cool for all of this stuff" twelve year old told me how much he enjoyed it all...

...and Willow waved and kissed and high-fived her way through the whole performance.

She was so happy and in complete awe...especially when she spotted her beloved Bing again.

The cascading snow finale was pritty spectacular - Christmas songs, dancers, an Ice King and Queen all singing and dancing on the main stage - I mean what more could you want...

It was a most perfect start to our little family Christmas that's for sure.

And that night, well Willow fell asleep muttering "Bye Bye Ning" over and over again to herself, so I'd say that proves just how much of an incredible, memorable day she had.

A stuff-kids-dreams-are-made-of kind of a day for sure

* all words and images are my own, apart from three photographs used with permission from The Trafford Centre

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