Saturday 10 February 2018

Interiors - Would You #GoFaux

I decided to sit down and write this post today after another lengthy conversation with the Husband about our next "let's get creative in the house" type project.
And this next one, if it all pans out, is going to be a huge, fairly exciting one too and as per usual I'm skipping ahead of myself and am getting all of the decor ideas planned right from the offset.

I do love a bit of room decorating - not so much the mess but the looking nice stages, yes please - and over the past year or so my kitchen and my living room have had a little bit of a makeover but this time it's the upstairs that is getting a whole new lease of life and there could possibly be another downstairs room to get my hands on too.

And if that happens well we all know what that means don't we...


I've already had the Pinterest boards made up and my Google history is just image after image of every type of sofa you could possibly imagine.

But what style do I go for?

Well I know for certain that anything we choose for this particular room will have to be durable, will have to be really easy to clean and it must be toddler proof.

This is why when I heard about the #GoFaux campaign Fenetic Wellbeing recently launched I couldn't help but be intrigued.

Fenetic Wellbeing are mobility specialists who strive to provide the right mobility products for an individuals needs and they seem to be quite passionate when it comes to their #GoFaux ideas - that picking faux leather over fabric is a winner of a choice.

And, through my own very recent experiences, I am actually very much in favour of this idea myself right now.

Yes my current and extremely new (and quite expensive) sofa, whilst it is more or less a dream purchase of mine, and whilst when I saw it there was no way I could have possibly settled for anything else, if I think about it now it perhaps wasn't my wisest choice ever.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it and if I'm honest I'm just so sick and tired - already - of trying to, very delicately, wipe mushed up chocolate from it that my two year old lovingly fuses - quite regularly -  into it's fibres without ruining the whole velvet effect that I think I should have perhaps considered practicality a little more.

Pretty it may be, but toddler proof it certainly is not.

However a sofa we had a lot of years ago now - a faux leather sofa at that - well that was amazingly child proof.

It withstood sticky hands, spillages and even a few projectile vomit moments (TMI I know - sorry!) and a simple wipe over (or disinfectant spray when those moments arose) was all it took to bring it back to life.

Faux leather furniture, certainly with young kiddies around anyway, really helped with my stress levels that's for sure.

And whilst I do love the style and look of my new sofa a lot I don't for one moment think that a leather sofa couldn't give me the same feel - there are really stylish and such on-trend options to choose from and whether the desired effect is one with a modern edge or a more classic look there are certainly faux leather sofas out there to match any kind of design brief.

So faux leather does get a thumbs up from this mum-of-two that's for sure and from my own experiences, if I  did have to pinpoint any downside to them at all I would say the main one I found really was that they sure can be really blooming cold to sit on at times which is nothing a cosy throw or blanket wouldn't solve I suppose.

And after having a look at a few of the snazzy looking Cavendish models Fenetic Wellbeing have on offer it would seem that with a simple flick of a switch this doesn't even become an issue at all - they even have heated seat options available.

Problem well and truly solved, eh.

I really do wish I'd listened to my own advice from a few years ago whilst I was sofa shopping this time round, back to when my new faux leather sofa had been delivered and I was in awe and told anyone and everyone that would listen how I would never choose a fabric sofa again...such sound advice I think, especially as the caramel from this melted chocolate bar stares at me as it remains moulded into the velvet of the cushion...

Are you all for the fabric or more a #GoFaux kind of a person?

* post in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing - all words & images 100% my own
* contains sponsored link

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