Tuesday 24 August 2021

Your Personality And Your Home

One thing that lockdown and spending more-than-the-average time in my house taught me was that if the house isn't really mirroring your needs or personality than, well, it's very easy to begin to go a little crazy.

And doing something about it really doesn't have to be a lengthy or costly process - not really...

~ Experiment with the Furniture...

First of all thinking about the role the furniture plays in your home is essential.

By experimenting with layout, placement and trying new things with the things already in a room could mean that creating a new, exciting, better-flowing floor plan with a little more to it is all that was needed.

It may complement social situations better or just make you feel more relaxed.

These things will all help to bring a little more life and personality to the space, really easily - and it costs nothing.

~ Make it Relaxed in a Way That Suits You...

Any room in the home should definitely be a space that you feel able to relax in - it's your home after all.

You can really tell if a home’s character aligns with you and your needs when you feel able to fully relax in it.

If you don’t then it’s certainly a sign that there are things that need to be changed and improved.

So find ways to make it relaxed and relaxing in a way that suits you.

~ Pick Out the Best Family Photos You Have and Hang Them...

Picking out the very best family photos that you have, getting new prints of them made and then putting them in some really nice wooden photo frames is definitely a good way to bring more character and personality to your home.

It will make any space feel more like your home because it shows off all of your family’s special moments, displayed proudly on the walls - exactly how it should be.

~ Add Works of Art and Antique Decorations...

The way in which you decorate your home with art and antique pieces will say a lot about the character and personality of the interiors.

This is a great way of putting your own stamp on any room - by decorating it with the works of art that really speak to you and say something meaningful in your eyes.

~ Make the Rooms Work for You...

Finally, you should take some time to think about what you actually want from each of the spaces in your home and what you intend to use them for.

The spaces need to work for you and what you and your family actually want to do in them. If they’re not able to do that, then they’re not fulfilling the basic roles you need them to.

Making changes which work for you and your home will never be a bad move to make because everyone wants their homes to say something about them and to have a little of their character within their walls.

Give it a try - and enjoy...


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