Thursday 14 April 2022

Ever Improving Those Fitness Levels...

Wanting to get into better shape is a great goal to have - I'm sure it's something we've all had in mind at least once.

No doubt it will help you look better and feel better and it will help give you more natural energy to get you through busy days.

You may not work out much or maybe you’re stuck in a rut currently - in this case, here are four ways to improve your fitness and give yourself a better chance at succeeding...

Set Realistic Goals...

Your first order of business when wanting to become more fit is to set realistic goals.

Improve your fitness by knowing the reasons why you want to exercise more and work on your physique.

Set goals and then be proactive about charting and documenting your progress, otherwise you risk falling back into your old ways and not making fitness a priority in your life.

Start small, such as setting the goal to lift weights during the week or take walks every morning and then build upon your progress.

And give yourself rewards along the way so that you feel compelled to keep going strong.

Eat Right...

Improve your fitness levels by modifying your diet and eating right - it can be difficult to do if you are unsure of what foods are healthy and nutritious or how to eat for your body type.

You may be coming up with excuses about why you can’t eat a healthy diet such as being too busy or stressed out and in this case it may be wise to enlist professional help from an Online Dietitian so you can learn new habits from the comfort of your home.

Your workouts will be better and you’ll have more energy to exercise when you have a healthy diet.

Mix up Your Routine & Activities...

If you want to improve your fitness and see results then it’s time to mix up your routine and activities.

You can’t keep doing the same movements or working the same muscles and then expect new outcomes.

Instead, you should sprinkle in a variety of exercises and activities such as weight lifting, interval training, and walking - you may even want to consider joining a gym and taking a class with others to help you stay motivated and so you work harder.

See what you enjoy doing and work these activities into your routine so that you don’t become bored.

Find A Workout Buddy...

Sometimes all it takes to get fit and into better shape is support from others.

Improve your fitness by finding a workout buddy and committing to holding each other accountable to stay active.

If you don’t feel like working out or are caught up in making excuses about why you can’t exercise then consider contacting your workout buddy for support and some “get fit” motivation.

You can encourage and push one another so that you continue to challenge your bodies and don’t become too comfortable in one place.

And a huge good luck...

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